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Incorporated in São Luís – State of Maranhão – in 1996, it is today one of the largest distributors of flat and non-flat rolled steel in the state of Maranhão. Its business is selling iron for construction. It operates on a property measuring 12,800m² with a built area of 4,800m², and it has its own fleet of vehicles for distributing its products throughout the state. As demand has grown and with it the company itself, it has started selling aluminum and stainless steel as well.


Consolidar-se no mercado como distribuidor de ferro e aço em geral, satisfazendo as necessidades dos clientes em termos de produto e atendimento.


To achieve growth in the iron and steel business by offering competitive products, and through commitment, competence and added value.

The Dimensão Group

With companies operating in the areas of civil construction, real estate, infrastructure and logistics, the manufacturing and distribution of steel and PVC and the supply of services, the Dimensão Group is expanding in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, where it sees the promise of economic growth and excellent opportunities for business.


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